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six weeks ago I finished writing the book. I really didn’t think it would take this long but here I am, still waiting on the book to be released.

I’m so close right now – so bloody close. As I type, I’m watching the email notification to come in from the guy who is formatting the book. He sent me through the final version yesterday to go with the final version of the book cover, all cut to size.

I had all I needed and uploaded onto Amazon. Sitting there watching the files upload, watching the little whirry thing whirr round, checking everything out. Ticks appearing on the screen, everything fine. Until…one little error…the text is fractionally too near the gutter (the middle of the book for those who don’t know!). Not on all the pages, just 20 of them, and not every line either, only a couple on each of the 20 pages. But it was enough for Amazon to reject it – computer says no. Anal bastards.

So back to Frank the formatter – can he move the margin by a single millimetre. He must be fed up with me. Bloody novice, he’s thinking. All these bloody questions. He started off answering my emails with full sentences. By the end its one word answers. You can feel it – take your book and fuck off!!

So I’m waiting…waiting for the revised file…waiting and waiting….