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I finally did it. After a load of waiting and a couple of false starts I finally have my book available – and have even made some sales.

It went live last Thursday which was really exciting. Put it out there on social media and had loads of really nice responses from friends who were all a bit surprised that I have actually written a book – almost like they didn’t think I was capable of such a thing. But some lovely messages of support.

I put the first order in myself and even though I can order an ‘author copy’ for just the print cost, I went the whole hog, bought the full price and let Amazon take even more commission from me – the bastards.

It arrived Saturday morning, and that is the point the book moves from an idea and a load of words on the a screen to a beautifully printed book – a finished article, something to put on the shelf, something to give to people. I was made up.

A flurry of sales in the first couple of days – I think mostly people I know, to be honest, I don’t think I have gone beyond people I could actually say hello to yet – that is the next job.

This morning I got my first order through from Waterstones, which was very exciting indeed. Until I did the maths and worked out fulfilling an order for a single book is actually costing me money. I’ve ordered it from Amazon and sent it to the wholesaler from there. Frustrating as I think I know who the order is for and I would have rather gone round and given him the book and had a chat with him. Never mind, you have to start somewhere.

Went into Waterstones in Liverpool and had a chat with the guy working there. They have a whole section of Liverpool books in there and I think mine would fit in very nicely. It seems a friend of mine went in ten minutes later and was told the author had just been in. He must have thought it was mum who had been waiting outside (not that anyone would think you are old enough to be my mum, Ann, if you are reading this!!).

So it’s out there – I have ticked the box, I am a published author. Just waiting for the reviews now – that will be the next thing to be paranoid about!