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What a day. What a fucking day.  This is the day everyone has been waiting for. Yearning for. This is the day we become the the best.

I’m not writing a blog. I’ve already decided. There’s loads of blogs out there already. But today I’ve has to write something. 

There was one thing I didn’t get to do last year…write about being the Champions. I set out to write a book. Write a book about winning the league. And as good as we were, as many points as we accumulated, we didn’t win the league. We won the European Cup. We’re the Champions of Europe. That’s not to be sniffed at. 

But we didn’t win the league. We got 97 points. More points than anyone other than Manchester City in the last two years. Any other year in the last 120 years we’d have won. But last year we didn’t. And at no point in my book could I say ‘we’re going to win the league’. I wanted to. I was desperate to. But I couldn’t say it with conviction. With all those points in the bag, it was always in the balance, with the balance slightly tipped against us. I was cheated.

I’m not writing another book. One was enough for me. So I’m not going to get the chance. But today it all changed. Today is the day I get to say ‘WE’RE GOING TO WIN THE FUCKING LEAGUE’.  We battered them. We battered them at football. We battered them at working hard. We battered them at fighting to win the game. We were awesome. 

And now we are nine points clear. But it’s not the nine point gap that’s telling me we’re going to win the league. It’s the way we imposed ourselves on the current champions that told me this is the year. 

The penny dropped today. The reason Klopp didn’t buy or sell anyone became crystal clear and it’s so noble.  That squad deserved to win the league and he stuck by each and every one of them to repeat the feat and improve upon it. Didn’t sell anyone. Didn’t buy anyone. Just put those lads out again to show it wasn’t a fluke, it was a stepping stone to greater things. And today is the day those greater things manifested themselves. What a game. 

Van Dijks dominance, Robertson’s runs. Salah’s agression. All there to marvel at. But underpinned by an immense midfield. Fabinho imperious at the base, supported by Henderson and Gini. Gini ran that game in his own understated way. Everywhere. Just everywhere. What a player. No one will mention him, no one ever does, but he was outstanding. Fucking Gini.

And if that wasn’t enough, the icing on the cake was Klopp. With the whole ground waiting for him to do the first pump, he went against it. Some twat of a cameraman prompting him. He was having none of it.  Fuck you Sky. He’s not going to fist pump on demand for anyone. Don’t tell him to do anything. Don’t tell any of us to do anything. Get back in your box. 

This is day we say ‘we’re going to win the league’. It’s a long way out still but we’re not going to let it go. Managers, players, supporters. This is our fucking year. COME ON LIVERPOOL!!!

PS. If you’d like to buy my book, go to the homepage which has links to Amazon. Cheers