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Let’s Talk About Six – A Life in the Season of a Liverpool Fan’ is my new book about the 2018/19 season. The book follows the journey of Liverpool Football Club on their way to Champions League glory and is a diary of the ups and downs of a football fan throughout an emotional season.

My book is available on Amazon as either a printed book or ebook. It is also available in Waterstones stores across the North West as well as ind-ependent bookshops.

If you would like a signed copy of the book, delivered direct to you or as a gift from someone else, email

Over the past few months, I have featured in newspapers and done a variety of radio interviews, including Radio Merseyside. Here are a couple of reviews and articles about the book.

I have never done this before – and might never do it again – so I wanted to share the experience through a regular blog…and hopefully get support, comments and tips on how to get my new book into the shops and online.

About the Book

This is my ‘on the hoof’ account of Liverpool Football Club’s record-breaking season. From pre-season planning through to the Champions League final in Madrid, it’s my own running commentary of every game and every thought and feeling in between.

What a season it’s been. I’ve seen control, I’ve seen flair, I’ve seen us be the best we have ever been. I’ve also seen Divock Origi score in the 96th minute against Everton and I’m still waiting for someone to call me and say it’s been disallowed!

This is also about my journey of attachment to the Reds, how I came to be this Liverpool obsessive in the 1980’s. How I became so attached and why that passion is so ingrained. The passion that burned when I saw Kenny Dalglish and John Barnes play and how that still brings me to Anfield today.

I’ve got so many images in my head of this season and I’m hoping this, my first book, will help resurrect those images and feelings for every other Liverpool fan.

“It was two top teams going for it all or nothing. And it ends in the 92nd minute with Alisson saving what should have been a nailed-on goal for Napoli. That’s how it looked from our end anyway. What a save. He just made himself huge in front of the guy. That’s the save that kept us in the competition.

It was breathless. I’m breathless now just thinking about it. Adrenaline and high emotion. These are the type of games you wait for. You hate it and love it all the same time. You come away feeling alive. What a feeling.”